Run Schedule
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Weekend Runs: 7:00 a.m.—Sat./Sun.

Join us for our weekend runs. It's more than just a fitness benefit—you'll meet your neighbors and see why South Riding really is such a good place to call home. Club runs are scheduled every Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 a.m. All are welcome and every run offers distance options. Some runs on the schedule include field trips to run trails or country roads, so be sure to check the schedule for exact dates. Run sponsors will circulate more information if necessary. See the Run Schedule to see the current schedule, meeting locations, and run hosts. Join Us!

2015 Summer Speed Series / Track Workouts
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Track workouts will be Wednesday's 5:45 - 7:00AM from May 27 - August 12 at Freedom High School track.Sign up now for second half discounted prices

Coach Kathy is here to help you drop those times for distances from 5K all the way to the marathon. Last year's speed series graduates saw a significant improvement in their race times after participating in the series. Just ask any of them! Read more...

Track Workouts

SRRC Membership
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Have you noticed how crowded the health clubs are right after the new year? It's those "New Year's resolutions". We all make them. Will $50-$100/mo. in membership fees really motivate us to work out? Sometimes the motivation that comes from camaraderie and knowing that someone is counting on you is all it takes.

SRRC offers both camaraderie and positive peer pressure with a generous sprinkling of great advice, encouragement, and support. Add organized runs and web resources, and your annual dues are a bargain. If you're not yet a member, just download and complete the appropriate membership form. Dues are as follows:

Membership Prices:

– 1 year: $25 individual, $35 family
– 2 years: $45 individual, $65 family

If you sign up early, you can save a few dollars! Once your membership form and payment are received, we'll promptly mail you your membership package. Don't forget to note on your application that you're an early bird. If you are already a member, don't procrastinate--confirm your support for running in our community by sending in your check. January 31 is the official deadline, which simplifies record keeping, but dues and applications are welcome year round.

To sign up online go to the membership page, and follow the the instructions for signing up using PayPal.

Member Discounts
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The following vendors have extended discounts to SRRC members. Careful math reveals that the deals will be comparable, so shopping based on availability of a preferred product, loyalty, service, advice, selection, etc. continues to make sense. Also PRR does gait analysis and shoe fitting, which you really can't get online. On the other hand Running Warehouse carries some products that you can't get in many stores.

Potomac River Running has stores in Ashburn, Leesburg, and Burke. Offering exclusive club events throughout the year. Stay tuned for the next event.
Road Runner Sports in Falls Church, VA offers a 10% discount to all club members. Mention that you're a member of the SRRC during checkout. This does not currently extend to on-line purchases, but the RRS VIP Club is a pretty good value if you go through shoes quickly.

Running Warehouse has set up a 15 percent discount for SRRC. (This discount cannot be used with any other discounts and is only valid for online purchases.) Note that the discount is only available to SRRC members and can be obtained by e-mailing

The Running Store in Gainesville, VA does not currently offer SRRC special discounts, but they are knowledgeable, convenient, have a good selection of running gear at competitive prices, and have offered generous sponsorship support for the Annual Kilt Run. They are included here as an encouragement to support our sponsors!

Fall Running Tips
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Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and fall mornings are finally arriving. As the days get cooler, resist the temptation to bundle up in sweat suits or lots of layers. Your body warms up quickly, and you'll be more comfortable dressed lightly. In the summer, we sweat profusely to stay cool. As temperatures drop, our bodies do clever things with blood flow to keep us warm in our core. This also means that a little more of our blood is available to service muscles, so we can generally run a bit quicker in cooler conditions. Don't go too fast too soon, though, and risk an injury. Read More . . .

Minimalist Shoes?
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What's all the hubbub about minimalist shoes? Do they work? Should you try them? Lots of articles have been published about the pros and cons of this running craze. Read more here about local experience with both the Vibram Five Fingers and the New Balance Minimus Trail shoes. They're probably not for everyone, but with a little patience and adaptation, you might find they really add some value to your training. Read more . . .

New Runner Orientation
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Are you just starting out and have questions you're not sure how to ask? You can get directions and a few introductory answers here, which should make coming out to run with us easier. If you have other questions or concerns, join our e-mail list. You'll be able to send messages to the whole club as well as read messages of interest to all. You can run with us any time you like. (Read more . . . )

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